Photography by Colton Liebross

Paula Focazio is a Bucks County, Pennsylvania based artist producing unique porcelain and henna artwork. When she was quite young she was given a toy potter’s wheel as a gift from her parents. This early interest blossomed into a life-long avocation.

Paula finds inspiration from complex mathematical patterns including fractals as well as the shapes and patterns found in nature – these inspirations find their way into her work in many forms.  She incorporates the style and patterns of the ancient art of mehndi into her latest ceramics designs. She has studied with ceramist Wayne Bates and worked with noted glass artist Don Gonzalez. Although works from the wheel are her first passion, she has also done extensive work in tile design and glaze formulation at Peace Valley Tile in Bucks County, PA. She has designed both small and large scale commemorative tile works, including the Rutherford sidewalk installation in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

Paula’s goal is to produce work that is both beautiful and functional. Her philosophy: Surround yourself with beautiful things; Use them daily.